Tuesday, April 26, 2011

New Damon & Naomi album!

Damon & Naomi's 7th studio album, "False Beats and True Hearts" will be released on their own 20/20/20 label on May 9th (in the UK) and May 17th (in the US!) The tracklisting is as follows:

False Beats and True Hearts:

1) Walking Backwards
2) How Do I Say Goodbye
3) Shadow Boxing
4) Ophelia
5) Nettles and Ivy
6) What She Brings
7) Embers
8) And There You Are
9) Helsinki

The band has made the first track "Walking Backwards available as a free mp3 download on their website---http://damonandnaomi.com/mp3/walking_backwards.m4a

If you go to http://www.damonandnaomi.com/ you can also hear the tracks "And There You Are" and "Shadow Boxing" !

I'd love to hear what everybody thinks about these songs! I think these tracks prove to be a great starting place for people who want to get into Damon & Naomi!